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Isha Deshpande

Graduated 2016

Currently, I am working as a Production Manager under a well renowned designer Label in Mumbai. I handle their merchandising section as well. I completed my Masters from London College of Fashion. Podar has been highly instrumental in my career growth. This is because, Podar provides holistic development platforms for its students by giving them range and variety of learning forms.

Farhan Shaikh

Graduated 2016

“I started my first year of BABM with stage fright, and as a quiet and reserved person, with no amount of confidence. Now after 3 years in this course I have been able to grow myself through the various experience starting from being simply a member to being the leader during the events. I had been given an opportunity to present and have my research paper published”.

Tizaan Alphonso

Graduated 2016

Doing a BABM ( Hons) from Podar world college was one of the best decisions of my life. I learnt so much- right from Marketing, Business Communication, Organization Behaviour, Finance, which are the building blocks to become a proficient businessman. After completing my studies in Jazz Piano at the Maastricht Conservatorium of Music in Netherlands, I plan to play live gigs with my band Instintivo and also work as a Music teacher in Europe, gaining experience to open up my own music school and utilising the knowledge that I gained at Podar World College. All this would not be possible without the initial push given by my teachers at Podar World College and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Divya Wadhwani

Graduated 2016

All our assignments had an industry linkage that helped us in researching, understanding and interpreting theories to data. Not only academics, BA Hons in Business Management from Podar has helped me enhance my interpersonal and communication skills.

Hinal Verma

Graduated 2018

The 3-year journey with Podar helped to nurture a shy introvert like me into somebody with confidence and amazing communication skills. Thanks to Podar and its tremendous faculty, I have gained practical knowledge and developed skills which are necessary for the corporate world.
This course has brought positive changes to my personality and with my hard work along with my Podar faculty, I gained First Class Honours, which helped me to apply in reputed universities in London. This course worked wonders for me and my career and I couldn’t thank Podar World College enough for this.

Mugdha Patil

Graduated 2019

“My three years with Podar will stay memorable due to the admirable support I received from everyone at this institution and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have achieved without such an attentive environment.”

Janvi Malkan

Graduated 2019

“This course has imbibed a range of practical skills and provided range of platforms to learn techniques and subjects hands-on. We had been given opportunities of handling and leading range of events such as Teacher’s Day, Fun N Fair, CSR Events that helped me to understand how to work with different people and manage resources well.

Aafreen Rangara

Graduated 2017

At Podar World College, I found better and unique ways to study, research and learn. The culture of learning, to think on my feet and to think out of the box, instilled by my teachers, has stayed with me for life. This was achieved through Podar’s focus on practical application of all that we learned, ensuring that we could deal with the daily pressures. The teachers, while being our guiding lights, always encouraged us to push further. Dreams I saw and dreams my family supported and fuelled me every time I was ready to give up. Dreams I am one step closer to fulfilling, thanks to Podar World College.

Ali Dhamani

Graduated 2019

Group work, individual assignments, presentations have all played their own role in order for me to be a team worker and independent at the same time”.

Jay Shah

Graduated 2017

I have started my own entrepreneurial venture of manufacturing and export of Imitation Jewellery. BABM course from PWC has definitely, added value to my knowledge and skill building. The group work projects helped me learn team work, which later helped me in my business to work with my clients and my employees to a large extent. I would like to thank my teachers for always being the support system and guiding me for a better future.

Regards, Jay Shah

Class Representative (Year 1) Contingent Leader (Year 1&2) General Secretary (Year 2)
University Representative (Year 3)

Hello and Good Morning,

I don’t know from where to start or how to start but I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every professor whose been a part of my 3 beautiful years at Podar. I can’t express my feeling towards this college in these few words especially the time spent around all of you wonderful teachers and my fellow mates. I would like to thank Sweety Ma’am, Komal Ma’am, Bharti Ma’am, Macario Sir, thankyou very very much. Special Thanks to Ms Priya Chowdhary who has always motivated and encouraged me, having faith in me even during my downfall. Ma’am has been there all through these 3 years, not just supporting me during my downfalls but also during celebrating my achievements. I’ve learned so much from you ma’am, from doing assignments to leading the class as a representative or leading the college as a contingent leader, my leadership skills were recognised by Ms. Priya and all these skills that I have developed at Podar, I promise to make sure I use it in my future life. Another special thanks to Ms. Simar, who has always been supportive and so kind. Everytime i got stuck with our never ending assignments, she helped me solve it in a way that I feel so comfortable in doing the rest of the assignment, she is the only teacher who was been consistent all through our 3 years at Podar, being a strong reason is to why we all feel so connected and comfortable with Ma’am. Thankyou very much for giving us that comfort at the same calm all the 100’s of the times we came to you with our queries. A Big thankyou to Ms. Hemangi, in a very short time she got so close to us, Ma’am’s morning “wake up calls” are been missed already, the other day my mom asked me “Jay, why m I not getting any messages from your college?” so I had to remind her that my college is done and you won’t get any more texts ever. All those mails from OFFICE desk were a nightmare for us, as they always came up with a bad news for us being xyz thing is left abc thing is yet to be submitted on this day. Each and every deadline was again and again on repeat basis sent to us. Oh god, all that tension the pressure, meeting deadlines will be missed. A last and final Thank you to the non teaching staff at Podar. Thankyou for helping us complete our graduation with all your extra ordinary services. You’ll are equally a part of this accomplishment.

Thank you once again for all the support and co-operation I love you all and will miss everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you Team Podar ❤

Isha Kalbag

Graduated 2018

I gained a lot from RBMI Module in the BABM course at PWC, as the thesis and research work formed the base for my current business in 3D printing. It helped me to make the right choices for my expansion and focus areas in my business today, where I work with various corporate and architectural firms for the 3D models they require. I would love to remain connected as an alumnus to inculcate in my juniors the habit to use this course more practically and wisely to help them in utilise it for correct business decisions.

Bhakti Rumde

BBA and PODAR is been a long journey for me. There were often ups and downs but the results and outcomes came from it was bright and prosperous. It helped me to become a open minded and bright person in general. The course was entirely practical. It helped me to think how well we can utilise the theory based methods in our day to day life and come out with a excellent result. Modules were so interesting that each had its own different value to include. From HNC and HND to Final year each modules had their own importance.

In fact, we were given opportunities to work with MNC’s because of which we came in contact with corporate world and even got opportunity to be a part of it. Talking about the faculty there was no one who had a “NO” for students, Everyone where so helpful whether its about modules understanding or guiding for further trends. which even include the administration staff who was there every time, whether its from calling parents for coming late or not attending college till calling us and making sure we were aware of submissions of our assignments or any events happening in the college. Last but not the least our Academic Head, who made this journey so entertaining and interesting , who got the best out of me in studies. BBA and PODAR made me confident enough to start my work with open thinking.Thank you to the entire BBA and PODAR faculty to helping me throughout and making this BBA journey interesting.

Arsh Khan

The journey of this course was very influential in my life, the challenges faced by me was quiet helpful to make me what I’m today, the knowledge that I have gained and the skills that I have achieved is far immense helpful in my daily life. I started my HNC, i.e. the first year of my course I was familiar with this college and I knew the way of teaching but there was problem heading our way, after our second semester he management of this international college had some problems which was directly impacting the quality of study that they were providing. Teachers left the college leaving us paralyzed and no one to teach us, we were paranoid and scared and worried about our future thought the management arranged some teachers, they were not as good as the previous ones. They were not aware of the course they were just reading the slides, which were provided by the management. I knew I had to take a decision as my future was at stake.

After few weeks I contacted miss Priya chouhdary from podar international college where they provided the same course. They asked me about my assignments which had I finished according to me. I left that international college and I joined podar international college, where from the first day they looked serious and determined to finish our first year properly and come out with good results. Priya ma’am took our assignment in next three four days she came back with the feedback that we were waiting for, well the feed back was bad the assignment that we did from previous international college standard where not even close to a pass grade. Priya ma’am took lecture teaching us the essential and working towards improving our knowledge; she used to guide us and gave us critical tips, which helped to improve our assignments significantly. Three months were left to submit all our assignments; she recommended us to join a company where you will gain practical knowledge.

The reason she suggested this because they were particular assignment subject which concentrated on first hand experience for example: There were two subjects know as work based experience (WBE) and managing communication, knowledge and information (MCKI) in year 1. These subject assignment needed the knowledge and experience that you gained in the organisation that you worked; you had to apply the technique that you learned in this subjects in real business problems. This not only helped us to enhance our assignments but we also learned many things of corporate world. This transition from shifting from one college was challenging and quiet hectic, but it helped me to secure my future, and with guidance provided by the teachers in podar helped this process to be smooth in nature.

When I first joined podar I was not sure how will they approach us, and what ways of they will use to teach us, it became clearer and clearer after the second year HND started, in this the course they were very practical with their methods, they called very professional teachers who were familiar with course and portion that we were going to study. They thought us with great examples of real life business situations; they gave us case studies, which helped us to use our critical thinking and work towards finding a possible solution. They also gave weekly test to measure our performances and see where the students are going wrong. As the second came we were told to make a group and do a project, which will be a event for any purpose. This was because we had a subject know as project management where you need to understand how to handle and execute a project in a successful manner. We had a group of 7, where I was the project manager and I had to handle and delegate work to other six member of the team. We kept the project name as helping hand and the project to provide a fun filled day to underprivileged children. Here I learned how leadership has to work and what type of leadership style should I use for remove maximum benefit out of my team members. We had end of the day meeting where we used to discuss the progression of the project as well as the problems that needs to be solved. The subject teacher also monitored these meetings as they used to be our mentor and coach and give us their feedback so that we are going on the right track. At the event day the project was executed perfectly, children enjoyed their day, there was meals provided to them and at the end of the day small gifts were given to them. Feedback forms were provided to teachers and staff of the school that we visited so that we can implement and make out event better in near future. In podar international there was weekly guest lectures which helped us immensely to improve our skills and knowledge, these lecturers used to be well known businessmen/women who used to come and share their precious time with us. There were also soft skills and professional grooming training provided to us in our last weeks of our course. These small things that podar international college added on with the course made a huge impact on the character and life of a student. It made us different and unique, it made us confident that we can face a problem and overcome it. I sincerely thank them with my heart. They have made me who I’m now. Thank you teachers and staff of podar international college.

Divya Sharma

When I started BBA with Podar International College I was a lil skeptical about what i was doing. But as time passed by I realized that the choice that I made was excellent. I wanted to learn and gain a holistic approach to problem solving in the field of business that Podar provided me with this BBA program. Getting a reputed international degree sitting right back in my home country is what I was looking for. The affiliation with University of Wolverhampton added value to my overall study portfolio.

More important than any single textbook concept or class lesson, what I took away from the Business Program was not only an analytical skill set but also more importantly confidence in problem solving. The latter is not by accident, but is a direct result of the extensiveness of the coursework I completed as an undergraduate business student and the dynamic and supportive learning environment created by my professors and classmates. My tutors gave me so much assistance during this academic year. I appreciate the information and advice they have given, as well as the opportunities to feel more part of the university. My tutors helped me in many different aspects and inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind.Their expertise and help have been invaluable during this period. The lectures and tutorials are interesting and academically stimulating, and applied to real-world case studies which is extremely useful.”

I feel that I have improved so much since I joined the course, I would highly recommend this course for students after the completion of their 12th grade. This degree has recognition all over the world and one can apply to the top universities for their post graduation and other diplomas. I am now accepted in Deakin University (Australia) for my MBA in Ecommerce and Supply Chain Management and I am thankful to Podar International College for being such a big and an important part of my life.

Isha Deshpande

My journey throughout the 3 years has been phenomenal. These 3 years have been the most crucial years till now and helped me gain tremendous learning. I have made the best of friends in this course and had the best faculty that one could find. I would want to summarize my experience using three points: course structure, faculty and exposure.

Firstly, the course is more inclined towards learning through experience than referring to textbooks and this is the beauty of this course. I have not just gained academic skills but skills that are necessary for self-development and sustenance in the corporate world. I have developed new skills and also my existing skills have been polished through the activities that are included in the assessment. Since, day 1, we were groomed in a way that our communication skills, research skills, presentation skills and writing skills were enhanced. The various activities and the structure of the course made me confident enough to host various events and be the academic head in the student senate.

Secondly, the faculty is so supportive in both academic and a non-academic way. They ensure that they use different methods of teaching in order to make it interesting for us and also develop a strong rapport with the students so that we feel comfortable in seeking guidance from them. The level of experience and knowledge that the faculty possesses is truly phenomenal and they have not failed to impart it to us. I am so glad that I could seek both academic and non-academic support from the faculty.

Lastly, the exposure that I have received is in terms of industry specialists and internships that we had to do as part of our modules. The college organized industry visits, conducted events like CII-CEO Connect and HR meets, which provided us with a platform to interact with industry specialists. Also, many of our modules were based on internships. I interned at Fountainhead Private Limited for a month as a client service intern. I didn’t just develop new skills but it surely improved the ones that I already possessed.

To sum it up, this course was extremely ideal for me because the structure and modules suited my aptitude well. Also, I have observed all the changes that occurred in my personality and outlook throughout these three years. I am also the student representative for the university and I could stand up for the post only because of the confidence that I gained due to this course. Also, since I was so focused and the faculty’s support did not allow me to digress from my goal, I have been able to receive offers from London College of Fashion, Istituto Marangoni and De Montfort University for fashion marketing. This course is perfect for students who want to rebuild themselves and learn through practical experience.

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