It offers the students an opportunity to obtain a University of London degree without having to live in London or being separated from their families. The biggest incentive is that it entitles the student with Indian qualifications to apply for studying the University of London International Programmes in Mumbai.

The University of London International Programme offers undergraduate degrees in economics, management finance and the social sciences to students worldwide. Academic direction for these courses is provided by Lead College – London School of Economics and Political Science. Academics at these Colleges develop the syllabuses, prepare the study materials, and are responsible for the assessment of students. This means that students benefit from the academic rigour and leading-edge research undertaken by the Colleges. It also ensures that the standard of award made to International Programmes students is maintained at the same level as the standard of award made to students studying at one of the Colleges of the University. Podar World College is a Registered Centre of this programme.

Apart from the state-of-the-art infrastructure and educational facilities, PWC faculty members are all experienced in their own fields. Located at Santacruz, Mumbai, the college provides a good balance between academic and extracurricular activities. The college has been founded with a strong commitment to recruiting and partnering with only the most qualified, experienced and dedicated of faculty to ensure that each and every one of our students receives the highest standards of academic support in their pursuit of the University of London’s demanding degrees. Podar World College is a part of the Podar Education Network which has been dedicated to providing educational solutions to students of all ages. With a total strength of more than 25,000 students ranging from pre-primary to undergraduate and with an excess of 30 centers spread across the nation, the Podar Group Of Schools has established itself as a trusted and renowned education organization.

The University receives applications from all over the world from people with varying abilities and qualifications in English. In certain cases, when School grades / application essays do not provide ample evidence, the University of London may require additional proof of proficiency in English. TOEFL, IELTS or UCLES results are accepted as proof of proficiency in such cases.

Students can easily change to another Economics, Business, Finance & Sociology degree within the International Programme, should they wish to. Please be aware that is facility is not possible with all degrees.

LSE welcomes applications from International Students for entry into the second year of one of its degree courses. Students should apply through UCAS (www.ucas.co.uk), stating that they are applying for second year entry. A place is not automatic, however, and you would need to do very well in your examinations in order to be considered. You should also be aware that LSE has a limited number of places available and competition will be strong. LSE does not accept students into the third year of any of its courses.

It may be possible to take one or more of our units from a full programme and study them individually as short courses. If you successfully complete the assessment for a short course, you will receive a University of London transcript. A transcript of the grades achieved is available upon request. Please note that credits obtained from units cannot count towards a degree as a student has to be fully enrolled in a degree program for credits to be recognized.

Awarding body
Upon successful completion, students are awarded a University of London degree, diploma or certificate.


Standard of Awards.
The standard of awards made to International Programmes students is maintained at the same level as the standard of awards made to students studying at a College of the University of London.”

Podar World College will host a Graduating Ceremony at the end of each academic year for the students. The University of London also holds a Graduation Ceremony in London each year, which all successful students are invited to attend.

The Lead College is the college whose staff develops the syllabus, prepares the study materials and is responsible for the assessment of the students of International Programmes.

Final examinations will be conducted by the British Council, in Mumbai in the months of May & June.

You could apply for post graduate programme in the U.K and other International Universities that recognize the programme. Please note that there are no credit transfers for any Indian course from the University of London courses.

The Podar Counselling Centre will also support you in obtaining job placements in India.

From the 2017/2018 intake onwards, Podar World College is happy to announce that along with the international degrees, students of Podar World College will also pursue, free of cost, the Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) undergraduate degree which is recognised by UGC.
Therefore, students who choose to stay in India after graduation from Podar World College will be able to get admission in all Indian Government Colleges for Post Graduate Courses.

Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) was established in July 1989 by an act XX (1989) of the Maharashtra State Legislature. It is the fifth Open University in the country, and the fourth one at the state level. The YCMOU is at par with other universities in the state as well as in India. YCMOU has same status as University of Mumbai, Delhi to name few. The certificates, diplomas and degrees awarded by the YCMOU are treated equivalent to the respective certificates, Diploma and degrees of the other universities for purpose of employment and further studies.
This programme has a duration of three years and carries 108 credit points.

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