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LSE Summer School Scholarship

MS. RHEA NOTANI – B.Sc Business & Management

This summer I got the chance to gain a Summer School Scholarship at the LSE for which I thank my Dean— Dr. Mrs. Vandana Lulla for this incredible opportunity.

Here, I was able to extend my learning of the EMFSS courses from my home institute Podar World College to the classrooms of London School of Economics (LSE).
Being in the heart of London and at a prestigious university like the LSE, I was able to experience a perfect balance between studying and exploring London.

I opted for Strategic Management as my course of choice which helped me get a better understanding of what I would like to pursue in the future. The teachers, the campus and the resources LSE has to offer are par excellence. The LSE library is one of the largest libraries in the world and its exhaustive collection adheres to all interests across a spectrum.

Moreso, the teachers ensured that everyone followed through lessons and created a space for everyone to be comfortable and explore their creativity. This made to easy for me to make friends from different cultures and countries whom I hope to see next summer back at LSE.

Overall, I believe the summer school and the range of courses it offers ensures that there is something for everyone.


Over this summer I was awarded the chance to receive a summer school scholarship with the LSE, and for which i thank our college Dean— Dr. Mrs. Vandana Lulla.

At the London School of Economics (LSE) I opted for the course ‘Computational Methods in Financial Mathematics (ME200)’ as my course of choice as I felt it helped me pursue my interest in applying finance and especially option pricing to Python, while also giving me an deeper understanding of mathematics and statistics. The classrooms and activities at campus were also designed in a way that made learning enjoyable and engaging at the same time, making the rigour feel lower.

There are numerous courses which LSE summer school offers and no one’s field of interest remains missed out.
Furthermore a must visit place on campus is the LSE library, it is an ocean of information and the best place to study on campus.

The EMFSS degree I currently am studying is BSc Economics and Finance at Podar World College and the summer school has helped me extend my concepts and understanding even further.

Being in central in london and more so at LSE itself is an memorable experience itself.
Being on campus with such a vibrant community and many different people from various backgrounds, allowed me to extend my network and socialise even better.

Hence, London and the LSE, is the perfect place to spend your summer as you can add value to yourself and enjoying at the same time. I hope to be back on campus very soon.

MS. DEA AJMERA – B.Sc Business & Management

At summer school, I did the strategic management course, and I chose to study the specific module because I believe it would help me in my current academic pursuits and aid in any future career paths broadly relating to management and innovation in business. Besides my academic knowledge base widening, the tangible skill sets I acquired were: the ability to retain a larger quantum of information in a short time, global exposure and the opportunity to meet peers from all around the world, and how businesses differ based on strategies, innovation and implementation styles. These skills have provided me a sharpened understanding of various business strategies and how they are critical in the execution of an enterprise or even an idea. It has equipped me with the ability to look more closely and keenly at this early aspect of business prospects and planning.

I believe that my dean and the professors at my teaching centre, Podar World College, have played a critical role in developing my skills through these years and arousing my interest to take up this course at summer school. I would like to thank my prestigious dean, Dr. Mrs. Vandana Lulla, for her influence and guidance at every step of the way, and for honouring me with this most prized LSE Summer School scholarship and the opportunities that come with it.

LSE is a world renowned and a world class institution, and for me to be associated with it even in the capacity of a summer school which I hope will translate into a future degree, is a platform that I value greatly. While the summer school is a shorter program, it gave me a taste into the foreign student life, the chance to grow as a young student on the global stage, make colleagues and friends and mingle with peers from across the world. Also, as someone who keenly follows global trends where my EMFSS subjects are concerned, I believe this opportunity put me at the center of it all and I was able to learn and thrive at one of the greatest cultures of the world, and this is what I am very grateful for.

MS. KUSHBOO LUNIYA – Receiver of Summer School Scholarship JULY 2022

I started my undergraduate journey with Podar world college 3 years ago and I have to say that PWC has given me a lot in so many aspects. Recently I received a 100% scholarship to study Alternative Investments at the renowned and prestigious LSE Summer School.

I have a lot of learnings on Hedge Funds, Corporate Finance and Private Equity that I bring back with me. Credits to my professor Dr. Huan Tang that I could develop such deep insights of the Hedge fund industry. Those case studies we talked about in the lectures have helped me better understand the industry side. I learnt more about Venture Capital, Corporate Finance and Private Equity in the second half of the course taught by Dr. Hongda Zhong who is quite popular in the Finance academia and he has also co-authored a few of our UOL-EMFSS Subject Guides.

My professors and teachers truly lived upto my expectations. Those intense classes and discussions on Hedge Fund strategies is something I’ll never forget. The classes at LSE have also been quite involved in helping us learn a lot of new things.

The summer school had a lot to add both in terms of knowledge and networking. Meeting fellow scholarship holders from different UOL centres, top notch students from other universities and even entrepreneurs has given me so many perspectives.

Not just the academics but LSE had a ton of events for us to attend ranging from CV workshops to social events like cruise parties, day trips to Oxford and Cambridge. We had a lot of opportunities to socialise and know different people and cultures. I attended quite a few of these events and now have a large network of friends globally. It was through summer school that I was able to connect with and make friends for a lifetime from different parts of the world ranging from Japan to the USA.

Not to forget that LSE is so centrally located in the heart of London that there is soo much to do around LSE. Quite a lot of events to attend that kept me busy on the weekends.

Overall the entire summer school experience of 3 weeks was quite rewarding and has definitely made LSE my first choice for a Masters degree. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that I’d get to study at LSE, thanks to Podar World College that this could happen. I’m forever indebted to Vandana Ma’am, my teachers and PWC for such a great opportunity. Now that I look back at the past 3 years I have to say studying at Podar World College was the best decision I made.

MR. PRACHIN PATEL – Receiver of Summer School Scholarship JULY 2022

I had the extraordinary chance to be able to attend the prestigious Summer School at the London School of Economics and Political Science. For me personally, being able to meet & network with top students from top universities all across the world is priceless, as opportunities like these are very rare. It was a great platform to learn from and share different sorts of experiences be it academic or social. Even discussing about future career and academia prospects with fellow colleagues was an enlightening experience.I made lifelong friends and colleagues which I am sure that I will meet them again in the
financial market one day.

I opted for ME200: Computational Methods in Financial Mathematics where I was able to achieve an A+ grade because of the mentorship by the world renowned professors Johannes Ruf and Luitgard Veraart, who have made significant contributions in the world of financial mathematics in recent times. Their teaching approach was extremely engaging and
they made the long lectures feel very short with their intriguing facts and history about the subject matter. Moreover, their hands-on approach when it came to pythons programming was immensely helpful.

The professors went above and beyond when it came to solving doubts and providing external resources for the preparation of midterm and final exams.

I found that the curriculum is highly relevant considering how the recent computational methods are built on the foundational concepts which were taught. The cherry on top was the high level of programming in python using the various libraries and the professors even taught us ideas and LaTeX which wasn’t even in the syllabus. The summer school
courses are curated just perfectly. It has the right balance between theories and applications. Especially, how the topics covered in the lecture were reinforced using assignments and exercises in the class which were lead by passionate teaching assistants. Despite of the course being very rigorous, it still allowed me to travel and experience a
whole lot around London.

Last but not least, I am very grateful for the recommendations and guidance by the Dean, Faculty and Coordinators of Podar World College, enabling me to receive the summer school scholarship and achieve this feat

Ms. RHEA SAHAJWANI – Receiver of Summer School Scholarship JULY 2022

Journey with Podar:

Although my journey with Podar started at the undergraduate level, it has truly played a major role in shaping my personality, ambition and future. While pursuing a strenuous course like BSc Economics and Finance, our teachers, under the excellent guidance of Vandana Ma’am, have made the teaching fun and interactive which led to a perfect score of 100/100 in Mathematics 1 in year1. Through being a part of the core team of the Rotaract Club of PWC, I have been able to work on my organising and public speaking skills. As the President of The Writing Society at ULIC, I have been able to connect with students from all over the world. Podar World College has given me an immense amount of exposure and numerous opportunities like hosting the graduation ceremony, orientation and parent’s meet. Being the campus ambassador to LSE at Podar World College, I have been able to connect with my peers and will be representing Podar at LSE Summer School with great pride while studying the course AC210: Financial Statement Analysis for Investment Banking and Asset Management.

Write up about summer school:
The course AC210: Financial Statement Analysis for Investment Banking and Asset Management provided insights into the world of analysts, especially in regards to the mergers and acquisitions sector. The finance world is everchanging, fast paced and dynamic- to be able to understand and catch up on the technological challenges it faces, the human capital difficulties and the regulatory world, is of great importance. This experience allow me to learn and implement the tools used by them, gain information on industry staples such as Bloomberg and enhance my public speaking and presentation skills. My professors did a deep dive into the quickly growing ESG aspect, that is of great relevance in the valuation industry.

The diverse experience that I received, meeting people from all over the world, engaging in debates with Dr. Ken and having the London experience. Summer school has been a great way to enrich my cultural understanding, an excellent introduction to what my masters experience might look like and an incredibly thrilling start to the summer.

Campus reels:
under the name- Rhea Sahajwani

Presentation made for the course:

Ms. Sakhsi Shetty

Achievement Award 2019 and Receiver of Summer School Scholarship July 2019.

Studying at the London School of Economics Summer School has indeed been a life-changing experience. The institution is renowned for its academic prestige, and the teaching staff truly lived up to its reputation. For an international relations course, there is no place better than the LSE.

I got the opportunity to be taught by the world-renowned Professor Jeffrey Chwieroth. His in-depth knowledge and expertise on the subject invoked an intellectually stimulating environment that allowed every student to excel.

My class teacher, the lovely, Miss Chiara Arnavas, also provided valuable insights and interpretations on a plethora of topics. This allowed for thought-provoking class discussions and provided a basis to formulate our own arguments to counter established perspectives.

The school also hosted a multitude of events and seminars that helped us gain knowledge about the practical applications of our coursework. The frequent diplomatic visits and conferences and having the Parliament, and the House of Commons along the river fostered a real political atmosphere at the campus. I even got the spectacular opportunity to attend the Parliamentary Debate at Westminster Abbey.

Apart from this, the LSE library and online resources are impeccable. These resources enabled me to research, in-depth, virtually on any topic related to the coursework.

However, the best thing about LSE is its diversity. As a summer school student, the institution allowed me to interact and make friends with students of different ethnicity, backgrounds, and perspective. Thanks to the Summer School’s Amazing ‘Social Programme’, I even got the chance to visit some extraordinary places both in and outside London. These included a day trip to Bath and Stonehenge as well as a spectacle of the gripping Lion King play.

Overall, the experience has been fascinating and unforgettable. LSE allowed me to explore a whole new subject, ‘International Political Economy’. The summer school experience has added to the breadth of knowledge and skills that is invaluable to me.

Finally, I’d like to thank Dr. Vandana Lulla as well as the teaching faculty of Podar World College for selecting me for the Summer School Scholarship. I shall forever be grateful for giving me this amazing opportunity.

Ms. Kashmira Zambad (2016-19)

B.Sc in Economics and Finance University of London

Receiver of Summer School Scholarship July 2018 currently pursuing Msc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at LSE

“When I look back at the past three years of my life, I can confidently say that pursuing BSc Economics and Finance from the University of London has been one of the best decisions of my academic trajectory. The affiliation of Podar World College with the University of London gives the college an edge.

Pursuing BSc Economics and Finance involved a lot of independent work and rigorous critical thinking, which helped me to discover my deep inclination and love for mathematics. From exploring off-beat math channels on YouTube, developing my own Pascal matrix to finding comfort in obscure mathematical equations in this unknown city that I now call home, these three years have been an adventure and I wouldn’t trade the world for it.

The smaller class size at Podar and easy accessibility to the faculty is what I loved the most. The faculty was always very enthusiastic about solving my queries and were always available for the same. I was allowed to question and was motivated to challenge the assumptions rather than just accepting the obvious. The course coordinator always put the students first and did her best to ensure that we had the resources to excel. The rigorous course structure in EMFSS provided me with a perfect basis to strengthen my fundamentals along with an opportunity to learn from the professors at the LSE.

Further, my peers at Podar have provided an incredible support system throughout these three years. It wouldn’t be far-fetched that we trusted each other with solving doubts and went pushed ourselves to read between the lines so that we could learn well. Although the University of London courses can be pursued independently, if I were to go back and make the decision all over again, I would choose enrolling at Podar World College because the college always provided me with a place to go for all the academic or administrative support I required.

One highlight was achieving a scholarship for the LSE summer school and I cannot thank Podar World College enough for conferring the award to me. The experience at the LSE summer school has been an integral factor in determining my decision to pursue MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at LSE and I am really looking forward to advancing my potential at the LSE.

Three years at Podar were rich and rewarding intellectually, I couldn’t have chosen any better education than this. Being an outstation student, once the “far city” and a “hard decision” now has become “my home” and the “best decision”. If I had the chance to do it over, I would definitely be right back at PWC! “

Mr. Shivang Jain

Receiver of Summer School Scholarship July 2019 and Achievement Award winner for May 2018 EMFSS examination and Commendation Letter for Splendid Performance in May 2019 EMFSS examination.

Studying at London School of Economics has been one of the most unique experiences in my life. I had the opportunity to study Alternative Investments for the first session lasting from 15th June to 7th July.

In the first part of our session we were taught my Mr. Dong a well-known financial economists who has published many articles relating to hedge funds. Mr. Dong was very precise in his teachings and was very approachable in case of any queries.

The class setting for me was fairly new as I wasn’t used to being taught in a class of 300 students so it took me time to adjust to this setting but a more familiar setting was introduced by the supplementary class taught by Mr. Fabrizio Core which only had 15 students per class.

Undoubtedly, the course was rigorous and very informative so it involved regular studying and attending lectures. Studying at LSE was truly a pleasure as they had an outstanding infrastructure along with a very helpful and courteous staff.

In the first part of the course itself we learned about the hedge fund industry -the risks and strategies employed by them as well as having to use excel to prove the theories.

For the second Part of the course we were taught by Mr. Hongda who is a renowned name in the research department of finance. This part of the session related more to corporate finance where we learnt how the capital structure affects decision making for a firm and how venture capitals and private equity operate.

Overall the academic experience was pleasurable.

Apart from studies, LSE also organized many social events such as cruises, parties etc. so you have plenty of avenues to socialize. I personally attended many of the social events and now have friends across the globe. One of the things that bothered me the most was living alone as I had never done this before in my life but the staff at LSE accommodation was really helpful and I was able to adjust quickly.

Being at LSE was truly an unforgettable experience from which I have learnt many things and this was only possible because of PODAR and Ms. Vandana Lulla who gave me the scholarship that allowed me to have such an experience.

Ms. Shaagun Kelwaramani

Receiver of Summer School Scholarship July 2018 currently pursuing Msc Finance and Management at University of Exeter.


LSE Summer School offers over 80, three-week courses in a diverse range of disciplines including Business and Management, Accounting, Finance, Law, Economics, International Relations, taught by LSE’s world-renowned faculty on its campus which is in the heart of London.

Since I pursued a BSc. Banking and Finance in the EMFSS program, the course ‘Alternative Investments’ caught my attention instantly. It explored the world of hedge funds, private equity, venture capital funds, real estate, and other commodities either directly or through finds of funds. Although it was a challenging course, my undergraduate subject choices gave me a strong backing to understand new concepts with ease.

Every day we had a 3 hour seminar with the extremely popular, engaging and intelligent finance professor Dr HongdaZong, who taught us with real-world examples about the global economy and his career experiences.

We also attended tutorials daily, where were split into smaller multi-cultural groups with a PhD professor of LSE, everybody got to participate and speak their minds and interaction with fellow students was easier;we were also encouraged to work with data (in Excel), measuring the risks of investment portfolios, calculating the alphas of hedge fund strategies, evaluating an LBO deal, analysing a VC deal and pricing an MBS.

We had two graded assessments throughout the course, which helped us to measure our progress and also revise our concepts.

It was an unreal feeling to give examinations under LSE conditions after learning from amongst the best professors the world has to offer!

The LSE Library is one of the biggest libraries in the world, with unimaginable study material and desk spaces to silently or collaboratively study.

I have spent so many evenings living the student life, with abundant cups of coffee and piles of books, with my friends from different parts of the world, preparing for the demanding exams, but I would do it all over again, without the blink of an eye!

Social Understanding

Students from a number of different nationalities are put under one roof, we learn about each other’s culture, religion, education, politics and general thinking. The course challenged us in a healthy and supportive environment and ultimately, brought us together in an international setting, broke down a number of social barriers, creating a greater social understanding and giving us exposure to different cultures, helping us to realize that after all, we are all connected and all the solutions to our national problems are codependent. Suddenly the world around me became more relevant, more connected and in turn, I now breed a much-needed tolerance.

International Friendships

I developed friendships with people, who span the globe; it was a true melting pot of perspectives and ideas! We explored the beautiful city of London together, did touristy activities, tried one another’s cuisine, learnt a little bit of many languages and promised to visit one another soon! Even though it was a few weeks, we made memories that can last us a lifetime, and honestly I can’t wait to meet my friends again!


LSE organized many exciting activities during weekends to unwind and explore England. One of the many options were trips to University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, day trips to Bath and a cruise on River Thames. As a LSE student, I could also avail passes to opera’s, plays and musicals around London very easily!

Heart of London

Since LSE is extremely centrally located, and all the LSE accommodations are very conveniently located and safe, travelling by bus or tubes at first was a cultural shock, but slowly, it became the easiest way to get to places around the city! And now, I literally know all the tube lines, major stations, thanks to my true best friend, Google maps!

The entire experience boost my self-confidence and social skills; travelling alone for the first time induced a sense of responsibility, independence and maturity that my parents recognized as I landed back in Mumbai. I did face several obstacles during my stay, but my trip assured me that I can take them on like any other problem that life will bring onto me in the future with belief in myself and support from loving people around me.

Granting that ‘home is home’, I honestly believe that these new skills I learnt make me more competent and experienced to contest aggressively in this globalized world.

I found a balance between work and exciting activities. My studies have reassured my passion for my career choices. The excellent teaching combined with the compelling course, broadened my horizons. The entire experience toughened me and LSE gave me many friends that I know I want to keep forever.

I cannot thank my very own, Podar World College for giving me this splendid opportunity and preparing me to create my mark at LSE as well.

I really couldn’t have asked for a better time at London!

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