Podar World College (PWC) is the latest and prestigious venture of Podar Education Trust, which has made quality education its core commitment over a span of about ninety one years. As a part of its philosophy the trust continuously upgrades its facilities and widens the spectrum of knowledge offering.

Podar World College is a teaching center for students who want to obtain a highly regarded International degree. Please note that there are no credit transfers for any Indian courses.

Podar World College, however, offers all undergraduate students a UGC- recognised degree programme from the Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) to enable the students to meet the eligibility criteria for Post Graduate programmes in India.

Podar World College Offers:

1) An undergraduate degrees from University of London in economics, management finance and the social sciences to students worldwide. Academic direction for these courses is provided by – London School of Economics and Political Science. Academic Direction means that staff at the LSE develops the syllabus ,prepares the study materials and is responsible for the assessment. This means that students benefit from the academic rigour and leading-edge research undertaken by the Colleges. It also ensures that the standard of award given to the students is maintained at the same level as the standard of award made to students studying at one of the Colleges of the University of London. Podar World College is a Recognised Centre for the University of London. A Recognised Centre demonstrates a sustained commitment to developing excellence in respect of teaching, support to students and administrative processes.

2) BA (Hons) Business Management (BABM)
Programme in association with University of Wolverhampton(UK ) in the areas of Business Management. In a globalized world, it opens the window of knowledge and helps to capitalize on the traditions and learning systems of a truly great institution. The high potential youngsters get the benefit of mastering today’s complex business environment by earning a globally- acclaimed degree, while enjoying the comfort of home and saving substantial cost.

3) International Masters of Business Administration (IMBA) –
1 year programme in association with University of Wolverhampton. The IMBA is founded on the belief that students meet the demands of a new kind of society, economies and the world. The course will provide opportunities to broaden both students’ academic and personal development experiences and sharpen their CV as well as enrich the skills and attitudes that one needs to secure a job or to be an entrepreneur.

Podar World College plays the role of a true intermediary by actively spreading the message of superior curriculum and value based learning of the system to aspiring youngsters, through its understanding of local and the global market. It is one of the leading premier Education networks in the country.

Having over a decade of expertise in International Education, Podar World College now offers the International MBA from the University of Wolverhampton, UK.

High quality teaching provision is underpinned by a clear and appropriate learning and teaching strategy. Support to students in terms of pedagogical and pastoral care and educational guidance is highly developed. In addition, students can expect access to excellent resources and facilities that enhance their learning experience.

The highly qualified and committed faculty team of Podar world College meets the requirement of the students during and beyond classroom contact time. Faculty team constantly endeavours to suitably fill the knowledge gap through systematic assessment of student’s understanding at the time of entry and to introduce them to an appropriate, discipline-oriented and graded thinking skill.

4) As the offered courses by University of London / University of Wolverhampton are not recognized by UGC, Podar World College is happy to announce that along with the Foreign University degrees, students of Podar World College will also pursue, free of cost, the Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) undergraduate degree which is recognised by UGC. Therefore, students who choose to stay in India after graduation from Podar World College will be able to get admission in all the Universities in India for Post Graduate Courses.

A) What we are
Podar World College is a teaching center for students who want to obtain a highly regarded International Degree.
Please note that there are no credit transfers for any Indian course from any of the Universities courses from UK.

B) Our Goal
Podar Counselling Centre will support you in obtaining admission for post graduate courses in International Universities and job placements in India.

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