Students of Podar World College has the opportunity to interact with farmers, learn about their farming practices, and gain an understanding of the challenges faced by rural communities. This visit was not only  an educational experience for our students but also an opportunity for them to show their support to the farmers who work hard to feed our nation.



  1. Visit to Zilla Parishad School where students will Understand their study pattern, games and curriculum.
  2. Volunteering in Rural School : where higher class students will Teach in rural schools.
  3. Farming : Understand traditional farming techniques and equipment used for farming. This will be the part of Shramdan by the students.
  4. Volunteering : in Farm Working along with local farmer.
  5. Playing Village Games : Playing local games and traditional dance with ZP School students.
  6. Relation Building : Building Social relation with village kids by being part of their day to day activities.
  7. Exploring Tribal Villages : Visiting Adivasi People’s house and communication with them by promoting social projects.
  8. Drip Irrigation : Understanding Drip Irrigation Farming.
  9. Warli Art : Demonstration on Warli Painting with hands-on experience.
  10. Bamboo Work : Demonstration of creating various bamboo products.