Graduation Day: BA Honours Business Management – 26th August, 2022

I would first on behalf of Podar World College management, faculty , staff and students like to congratulate our Graduating Batch of 2022 with 24 First Class Honours.

I am extremely proud of the rich tradition of providing practical, experiential education our college has upheld since its founding. Our Business Programs prepare students to become leaders with moral depth, intellectual intensity, hands on experience on various areas of business functions and skills to meet the challenges of a time of critical transition in society.

Located in the economic and cultural hub of the city, Podar World College offers unique opportunities for our students to engage with companies, communities, consulting projects with companies, entrepreneurial ventures and experience working with non profit organisations which benefits the business community and students providing perfect opportunity to put their education into practice. With specialisations in Marketing and Enterprise in BA Honours Business Management from this year, we have seen our graduates benefitting with focussed ideas, specific skills sets and gaining domain expertise in their area of choice. Central to the success of our students has been the strength of leadership, experience and knowledge brought by our faculty into the classroom. As thought leaders and practical practitioners in the industry, our alumni continue to bring their contributions to their alma mater and drive changes in the respective field and education.
We are proud to be a ‘Satellite Centre’ providing CMI (Chartered Management Institute) UK certification for our graduates from this year with successful completion of their Degree adding to their expansion of knowledge and enriching their careers.

We are extremely proud to see our students develop interdisciplinary skills, entrepreneurial spirit and move to the next phase of their life with confidence, grit and perseverance to achieve their dreams. Heartiest Congratulations once again and wish you all the best for your future endeavours