Global Network Development Grants – TSBS

The Project TSBS was conceptualised to provide students transnational sharing experience in the true spirit of the University of London International Programmes and was thus approved and awarded the 2014 Global Network Development Grant by the University of London.


The Institutes which collaborated for the same were Roots College International, Millennium Campus Islamabad, Pakistan and Podar World College, India. Faculty of both the institutes, Roots College International Millennium Campus and Podar World College used the platform provided by the Project to increase motivation and retention amongst students, share good practices, and develop analytical and critical thinking by pairing with each other as ‘study buddies.’ TSBS also promoted outreach and networking among provider institutions.


The Project was completed in two phases

Phase 1: First week of February 2015 to 15th March 2015
Reinforcement Week:


‘Student Buddies’ went through the study month and later interacted and built content together on some key concepts communicating via email and Skype arrangements on an on-going basis. In order to disseminate the experiences and knowledge further, study circles were formed and revision sessions were held transnationally using Skype sessions for papers like Principles of Banking and Finance, Business Management in a Global Context, Elements of Law of Contract and Common Law of Reasoning and Institutions successfully.


Phase 2:first week of June 2015
Student Exchange for fostering leadership skills in students:


Students of Podar World College delivered a presentation on a Harvard Business Study topic of International Interest “The Dabbawallas of Mumbai” and Indian origin. There were lectures and discussions on the changing face of Asian Management as well. Students of all three Institutes, Help Academy Malaysia, Roots College International and Podar World College interacted at close proximity and were in a position to get a flavour of what the culture and society of the other had to offer.