The Rotaract Club of Podar College – Here we come never to go!


In a world of billions where our existence seems trivial, a sense to prove ourselves and to return, for a change, overwhelms us.

Do not all of us want our presence felt?

Do you not want to change those little things in your surroundings that you have wanted to so badly and haven’t had the courage to?

Your answers lie here, one among all of ours. RCPC, mothered by Rotary Club of Mumbai North End and Podar institutions gives every member their day under the sun and backs all of their individual dreams and aspirations.

Our projects here in PCPC are carefully engineered to bridge the gap that runs between societal change and recreation.

It is a platform for each and everyone to gather, think, discuss, excel and to take every individual to the summits of success.

We here at RCPC live every moment to its fullest and integrate all that we have to do all that we can and this exactly is what our motto stands for, CARPE DIEM : seize the day.

To take these leaders of tomorrow beyond all those cultural and comfort boundaries and to help them make this world a better place will forever be our aim.


Wake up and live” ― Bob Marley

Our maiden journey……..

Having begun in the August of 2014, the journey so far has been exhilarating to say the least with a new adventure in every little step that was taken together.We stand today with a strength of 55 bringing together Podar World College and Podar International College. Seize the day we did and live every moment to its fullest. We started small with Taboo – a fun game to increase club bonding, ventured into social service with The Granthalaya Project – a donation drive to set up libraries in various villages for the underprivileged kids and a Beach Clean-up drive after Ganesh Chaturthi we also had projects to develop intra club bonding with a Treasure Hunt. Driven by the urge to acknowledge the pains certain parts of our society take to make our lives comfortable, projects like Saluting the real heroes of Mumbai (Part 1) and Saluting the real heroes of Mumbai (Part 2) were undertaken. Saluting the real heroes (part1) was to acknowledge the pains our traffic police of our hustling city take to keep it organised where the second instalment was to appreciate and applaud the efforts the rag pickers of our city take to keep ‘our’ waste off the streets. The club went international with ‘We are one’touching 23 clubs from 12 countries. Landmark success was achieved with‘iBusiness’- incubating ideas, an interschool and college B-plan competition for institutions across Mumbai and Thane, the biggest project undertaken by Rotaract Club of Podar College having brought the industries’ biggest names under one roof. A business plan competition that brought out the entrepreneur in the students of over 50 schools and colleges from Mumbai and Thane.

Having been dynamic throughout their maiden term, The Rotaract Club of Podar College never let a moment pass without a plethora of activities planned for the present and the coming future. The club has on-going projects such as Podar Diaries and Behind the Scenes which will remain beacon passing projects for future members of The Rotaract Club of Podar College. Other than a schedule tight packed with activity the Board always made sure that member development was kept as utmost priority having organised workshops by IDF and also various others like the Photoshop skill development under the wing of the Professional development avenue among many others. Our passionate Rotaractors left no stone unturned in living up to the club motto “CARPE DIEM” as they crossed even state boundaries to attend seminars in IIM Ahemdabad and conferences. Our club plans to pursue various other projects under its editorial wing before the first core committee hand down the torch to the new core committee for yet another fresh and exhilarating term.

The year has been a passing blur and a large army of passionate Rotarcators have made this infant club stand up to prove the potential it has to all those that ever doubted it. It has been a thumping success but it would never have been so without the support of many who often go unmentioned but have proved to be the backbone of this club. It would never have been possible to make it this far without the help and guidance of our core committe under the charismatic leadership of Charter President RtrAbhinav Jain and also the never ending support of the unparalleled faculty of Podar College.


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”
― Helen Keller

Rtr. Sadhya Singh
Club Editor