Academic Study Tour by the students and staff of Podar World College to London School of Economics – UK from 8th September 2018 to 15th September 2018

Week at LSE acted not only as a window to student life at the prestigious institution but also provided students with a toolkit of intellectual skills that have broadened the perspective beyond measure.

After the campus tour of LSE and understanding the history of it by experts, the week at LSE was totally packed with insightful lectures of LSE Professors like Dr K Sheedy for Economics, Dr James Abdey for statistics, Dr James Ward for Math, Prof Bjorn Jorgensen for Accounting & Finance, Dr Steve Smithson for Management and Digital innovation and Dr Katie Best for Management.

Some of them provided students with the opportunity to interact with reputed heads of departments and pick their minds regarding various academic and social phenomena.

Apart from giving a taste of studying at LSE, they were also informed about the application process for Masters programmes and were provided with insights as to what truly makes an “LSE student”.

Acknowledging the needs of today’s dynamic professional environment, they received expertise on how to refine CVs by an industry expert and even built their own personal websites from scratch.

For our students, The cherry on the cake was being able to attend a public lecture by Mario Centeno, Minister of Finance of Portugal and President of the Eurogroup. One of the students, Ms. Mahima says” We were fortunate enough to be able to hear his views on the reform of the Euro amidst Brexit turmoil. Furthermore, Staying at one of LSE’s student housing buildings truly made this a holistic experience one of the best for us. It impacted me far beyond than what I could ever have imagined possible, in just a week.

I am grateful to Podar , our Dean Dr. Vandana Lulla,and LSE for giving me this opportunity to spend such an exciting week at one of the most prestigious institutes in a vibrant and dynamic city, whose pulse I could observe so closely.