Google form was sent out as a part of the message where everyone could fill in their choice of movie/TV show/cartoon. Multiple entries were allowed so each person could send in as many entries as they wished in order to facilitate freedom of thought and opinion. Everyday a list of ‘Best entries’ was rolled out which was then put up on social media platforms including Instagram. RCPC members featured in many of those lists. The event was a huge success, recording 650+ entries in the first week itself with over 400 participants. Multiple people from 35+ clubs were a part of this collaboration so the scale was massive. TV shows, movies and cartoons play an important role in the lives of each teenager today; whether it is seeing Tom and Jerry as a toddler or more intense shows at the age of 19. Moreover, each film or show sticks to us in one form or the other, there are always multiple takeaways and things we learn. So the whole point of this initiative was to help us reminisce about our childhood and our present and reflect on what our favourite heroes or fictional characters have taught us. Multiple entries for RC Podar College were also featured.

An initiative by the Editorial Avenue: Rtr.Priyanshi Desai, Rtr.Mihir, Rtr.Maaz

Students Featured: Abhishek Iyer, Kriti Malpani, Aniruddh Iyer