Ganesh Chaturthi is a very religious and a really influential practise in India. Everybody here loves to enjoy it to the fullest but hardly quite a few take the initiative of taking care of the country’s health. This inspired me to take a step towards cleanliness and make a change. So in collaboration with almost 20 other Rotaract clubs of Mumbai, RCPC also participated in the beach clean-up drive. Neighbourly, an organisation provided us with all the logistics needed such as masks, gloves, garbage bags, t-shirts and also a goodie bag which included tea coasters, notepad and a mobile pop socket. We started our beach drive on 24th of September at 6:30 am with all enthusiasm and an opinion that things need to change, till 8am. We were successfully able to collect about 15 full bags of garbage! Also, RCPC was the only Rotaract club in this joint beach clean up to get over 40 volunteers! It was a truly commendable day to be remembered!
– By Rtr. Mahek Patel, Joint-Director, Community Service, RCPC