Whilst sitting around and contemplating on ideas for events, what struck the entire Community Service team was how wonderful a day spent with grandparents would be. A day spent to commemorate the warmth they have that has the ability to ignite in our hearts, and the wisdom they possess to always impart to us. The ideal motive behind the day was to ensure we students could make a small difference in the lives of inmates by planning an evening filled with fun and frolic as a thank you for everything they’ve given to people in their lives.

To entertain and ensure that the party had a day they’d never forget-a round of housie, a small kitty party game called rice and buttons, dancing with the inmates, a photo booth with different props and a cake cutting ceremony for the occasion of Grandparent’s Day2018.

It was a fun-filled day with mirth and laughter and the cherry on top of the cake they cut was when a couple of ladies told us that this was the first time a group had come from somewhere and put a smile on their face. Other than that, after the closure of the event, the sisters and inmates blessed and thanked us the members of RCPC for coming, and what could possibly be a clearer indication of the success of this event?
-By Rtr. Abhishek Iyer, Director, Community Service, RCPC