In our endeavour to provide International exposure and enhance international mindedness, ‘International Marketing Consultancy Project’ for learners of BA (Honours) Business Management who have been asked to prepare a presentation to discuss a proposed marketing plan (2020-2023) for the development of a new Wolves fashion line in India. Students through the University of Wolverhampton’s Challenge Academy initiative will receive recognition of contributions following successful completion.

Through this short term project, learners acquire the skills of :

  • Marketing:
    • Environment Appraisal Analysis
    • Appropriate Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
    • Developing/Devising a differentiated Marketing Mix and Marketing Plan
  • Team Working
  • Leadership
  • Consultancy
  • Presentation skills

This project is supported by University Project leader Mr. Joshua Whale, University of Wolverhampton under the guidance of Marketing Head, Worldwide Wolves-Mr. Alan Perrins.