Strategic Analysis of Strategic Business Units preparing students for 21st Century skills of “Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking”

Today’s organisations are expected to perform in a rapidly changing global environment. Success in this environment requires managers who are innovative, flexible, capable of critical thought and able to craft strategic decisions given great complexity.

This module ‘Strategic Management’ is intended to introduce students to strategic management tools and techniques, it offers a prescriptive approach to the study of strategy but recognises in reality strategy is emergent. “Strategy deals in complexity, ambiguity and fundamental issues that cannot be easily addressed” (Mintzberg), hence we want to expose potential managers to strategic thinking, to support their experiential learning in their management role. Students undertake Strategic analysis of Strategic Business Units (SBUs) in selected groups with panels discussing future strategy. The program of BA (Honours) Business Management aims at preparing our students for 21st Century skills (OECD. org) of Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking.