BA (Hons) in Business Management

University of Wolverhampton

The University is a place of knowledge, innovation and enterprise. We pride ourselves on these three tenets. They underpin our strategies in learning and teaching, in research, and help us to engage with the business world. That is why we have come to play a vital role in the economic and cultural development both of our region - and far beyond - and are a global provider of entrepreneurial education.

The roots of the University of Wolverhampton lie in the 19th century growth of Mechanics Institutes, providing vocational and general education for working men. In Wolverhampton the Free Library (1870) developed technical, scientific, commercial and general classes, while a School of Art, established in 1851, had been developed into the Municipal School for Art in new buildings by 1885.

By 1903, we had courses in coach building, house painting and pattern making. The foundation stone for the Wolverhampton Staffordshire Technical College was laid in 1931, and by 1969 the College was officially designated Wolverhampton Polytechnic. In 1992, we were officially granted university status and became the University of Wolverhampton, with a history of providing pioneering education for over 180 years.

Key Factors

Expert Faculty

Teachers are the foundation of Podar World College. They come to Podar World College equipped with excellent academic qualifications and a professional industry experience which translates into real business life insights for students. Continuous Training sessions from the University of Wolverhampton further helps our teachers to understand the nitty-gritty of the international curriculum.

Industry Curriculum

The web based Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Canvas, is a key system used by students and staff to support learning in almost every subject area, making the University a leader in online learning. Designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of our modern students and teachers. Cloud based and user-focused, Canvas is both reliable and adaptable. Canvas provides a range of tools and facilities by which teachers can deliver enhanced learning material in support of classroom-based teaching and tutorial contact, and engage students actively in the learning process.

At Podar World College, a virtual learning platform for students and staff of all centres of Podar World College to share and experience teaching and learning will be encouraged. This virtual network will include handbook, academic planner, academic policies, code of conduct along with lesson plan, presentation, assignments, reading material for every unit of the semester. This course is designed for students wishing to embark on a professional career in business and management. It will help students develop analysis and evaluative skills which can be applied to real-world situations.


The cost of undergraduate courses in the UK ranges from £8,000 to £10,500 per year which is around INR 7,00,000 to 9,00,000 per year, apart from the students living and boarding cost which is around INR 4,00,000 to 5,00,000 per year. In three years of undergraduate study in the UK a student will spend roughly around INR33,00,000 to INR 42,00,000. Students can now save on cost by doing the same undergraduate course at Podar World College, the total fee structure being much lower as compared to the cost in U.K.

Placement Support

The placement cell forms a core part of Podar World College, as it is located in the premiere financial capital of the nation- MUMBAI, students will have incredible access to companies and recruiters, to jobs and internships, and to resources and opportunities across India and the world. Having attained our vision we seek to be able to:
Contribute to the knowledge empowerment and preparedness of our students for the employment market. Solidify existing graduate and student recruitment partnerships with commerce, industry and other employer organizations to create valuable and sustainable employment opportunities for our students. Enhance the potential for student employment through vocational socialization and career development in jobs commensurating with their aspirations.

Course Structure

Year 1: UNITS


Year 1

Year 1


Learning for Business Success

Finance and Accounting for Managers


Global Business Environment

Organizational Structures for Effective Management


Introduction to People at Work

Marketing Principles

Year 2: UNITS


Year 2

Year 2


Entrepreneurial Creativity and Innovation

Economics for Managerial Decision-Making


Customer Acquisition and Retention

Business Intelligence and Digital Capability


Leading and Managing in Organisations

Operations and Supply Management

Year 3: UNITS


Year 3

Year 3


Social Responsibility

Strategic Management


Independent Project

Dynamics of Multinational Companies


Business Research Methods

Economics of Sustainable Development

*Units and structure is subject to change as per UOW rules and regulations.

Entry Requirement

Entry Requirement: 12th Grade Qualification

H.S.C/CBSE/ISC/Other National Board


IB Diploma

55% Marks across five subjects

Minimum C grades

Minimum 24 points with SL English score

English Language Requirement

H.S.C or Other State Boards

CBSE/ISC/Other National Board




 65% in English

55% in English

English D grade

C GRADE or Above

Overall score 6 (each category 5.5)

*Admissions are considered by UOW on case to case basis.

Fee Structure

Year 1 Rs.4,75,950/- (inclusive of GST)
Year 2 Rs.4,75,950/- (inclusive of GST)
Year 3 Rs.4,75,950/- (inclusive of GST)


1) Fee can be paid in two equal installments. Cheque in favor of Podar World College – BABM
2) Fee is subject to change.
3) Fee once paid is not refundable.


1) Who will award the BA (Hons) Business Management?
On successful completion of the third year programme, a student is awarded the Honours degree from the University of Wolverhampton.

2) What is the role of Podar World College in the University of Wolverhampton, BA (Hons) Business Management program?
Podar World College will act as a facilitator in training the students for the University of Wolverhampton, BA (Hons) Business Management program.

3) What is unique about the BA (Hons) Business Management from University of Wolverhampton?

4) Will Podar World College support student placements?
Podar World College assists students for internship and placements.


From the 2017/2018 intake onwards, Podar World College(BABM) is happy to announce that along with the UOW-BABM degree, students of Podar World College will also pursue, free of cost, the Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) undergraduate degree which is recognised by UGC. Therefore, students who choose to stay in India after graduation from Podar World College will be able to get admission in all the Universities in India for Post Graduate Courses.